Ballpoint Pens With Refillable refill.

Ballpoint pens are very convenient and easy to use writing instruments. Ball point pens or ball pens have a ball headed tip. The ink that is utilized is ball pens is adequately thick which implies that there are practically zero odds of ink spilling or smears.

Our Ballpoint Pens varieties

Product Specifications:

Parent Brand: Paperfine

Tip Type: NSTC 0.6mm / 0.7mm / 1.0mm (NSTC Tips are non corrosive)

Ink Shelf Life: 2 years (Complies with EN 71-3 and ASTM-D-4236)

Available Ink Colors: Blue, Black, Red, Green 

Length of Ball pen: 135mm – 150mm

Ink Quantity: Can write up to 2000 meters

We can provide OEM Manufacturing Facility for above pens provided order quantity is significant.

Ball Pen Packing, Loading and Delivery Time:

Packing: 50pc box X 20 boxes X 4 cartons i.e 4000 pens in a master carton

Container Capacity: 1.2 Million pens (20ft) & 3.2 Million pens (40ft HQ)

Minimum Order Quantity: 500,000 pens per design

Delivery Time: 30 Days(20ft container)& 60 Days(40ft container)